changing specializations

Hello, friends and classmates! If you’ve followed me here from Coursera’s Data Management and Visualization specialization (the one through Wesleyan), I wanted to let you know that I completed the first class and decided not to pursue the rest of the specialization. I was a little disappointed with how inactive the forums are– this topic is so new to me that I admit I’m relying on my classmates (and StackOverflow) a LOT. Also I’m really loving Python– I want to run with that, and this specialization was more about the process than about the programming. If you’ve already got some programming knowledge and want to learn about stats, I do recommend it. The instructors were incredibly knowledgeable.

I switched over to the specialization in Applied Data Science with Python, and this has been a good fit so far. I’m not sure how much I will be blogging about these specific classes (not only is maintaining an assignment blog not part of the course, but due to the nature of the material, it’s against the honor code to post specific assignments).

In case I switch over to more general blogging and less educational stuff, thank you to my classmates for following along. Best of luck with your studies, and please stay in touch! And look me up if you end up over in the Python data science classes. 🙂

a short introduction.

greetings and salutations! my name is jennifer and i’m new here.

you can read a little more about my background here, but this website was created as a small sampling of what i’m working on as i embark on a new career journey. i recently completed Coursera’s Python for Everybody specialization, and i was so enamored by Python, that i jumped right into Coursera’s Data Analysis and Interpretation specialization, with the idea that it would help me merge a science background with a new love of programming.

as part of the first course on data management and visualization, i needed to create a blog where i will document my project’s progress. so here we are. let’s begin!