hello, my name is jen. my pronouns are she/they.

you can email me at hello@jmf.codes.

current location: crescent city, california. i am a digital nomad; my family travels the united states in an RV, wherever the wind blows, following great weather and adventures. we take great pains to ensure excellent internet connectivity wherever we travel, and am rarely off-grid. i am available to work from wherever we live. our unusual lifestyle has been a tremendous benefit professionally, since following the best weather means better management of chronic illness symptoms, and fewer chronic illness symptoms means more energy to focus on projects.


  • developer, since 2015: HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Python, Windows, MacOS, scripting, Acuity Scheduling, accessibility enhancements
  • tax preparer, since 2019: individual tax utilizing Drake Tax software, and the go-to person for evaluating new tech tools
  • private investigator, 2014-2019: licensed and bonded in California and Arizona, conducting background checks for individuals and Fortune 500 companies, missing persons cases
  • chemist, 2004-2007: pharmaceutical and analytical chemist, chromatography control systems, inventory management systems, regulatory affairs


If it’s not accessible, it’s not revolutionary.